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EJ & FanzineMissed a fanzine issue?

Hercules (formerly Rocket Fan) has released fanzine No. 1 back in June 1988.

A German-only release, edition No. 3 (October 1988) was the first to be published with an English translation supplement. Other languages were introduced in the following years.

Since No. 28 (September 1994) our fanzine is published as German and seperate English editions.

In autumn 1994 we had been asked by Elton's management to change our name in order to avoid confusion with the official Rocket companies (such as Rocket Records and Rocket Pictures). Hence, fanzine No. 29 (December 1994) was the first to be published under the fan club's new name - Hercules.

To mark Elton's 50th birthday in March 1997, fanzine No. 38 was published with a colour montage cover. With fanzine No. 47 (June 1999) the colour cover became a regular feature.

The results of a Member Audit, the great success of our website, and the continuing decrease in fanzine subscribers has finally led us to the following decision: The Hercules fanzine ceased to be published, with the final edition being No. 60 (September 2002). The Hercules Team has decided to additionally publish a "Farewell" issue in March 2003.

Backissues are priced € 3.00 per issue (plus postage and packing). However, you can take advantage of our Special Sale: If you order 10 backissues or more, we will bring the price down to only € 1.00 per issue (plus postage and packing). Please use the Backissues Order Form.

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