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HERCULES has also set up two ways of sending fan mail to Elton John. Please do not send fan letters to one of Elton John's private addresses, to his management or to his record company. You can be asured that Hercules will forward all fan mail received via e-mail or snail mail to Elton John on a regular basis.
Before sending fan mail via Hercules, please have a look at the Top 10 Fan Mail Questions and answers.

E-mail address for Elton John

At the moment, there is no official e-mail address for Elton John. However, we would like to give fans the chance to send e-mails to Elton John indirectly by using the special e-mail address fanmail@eltonfan.net.

Once again, this is no official e-mail address for Elton John but a special service set up by Hercules. Serious enquiries of interest for Elton John or his management will be forwarded to him/the management.

Hercules will answer all other questions personally. Please look at the frequently asked questions before contacting us.

If you really feel like writing personal fan mail to Elton John you should send it to him by snail mail. As mentioned above, Elton does not have a personal e-mail address. Thus, it is far more likely that he will reply to your letter if you send if by snail mail (see following).

Snail mail fan letters

If you prefer to send a hand-written letter or like to include items such as photos, paintings or a small gift, please use the following address:

Hercules Coordination
Stephan Heimbecher
Haeberlstr. 13
D-80337 Muenchen

  • keep it brief and
  • avoid padding such as 'I am your biggest fan'

Keep in mind that Elton is a very busy person and simply does not have the time to reply to all fan letters personally.

He does answer fan mail though, but the percentage has decreased with the increase of the number of e-mails and other fan letters. To avoid disappointment, please

  • do not ask for autographs and
  • don't expect Elton to appear at your wedding, birthday party etc.

Instead, you should use this e-mail channel to show Elton John your support.

For more serious non-fan inquiries in regard of the Elton John Aids Foundation, Rocket Records or Rocket Pictures, please contact HERCULES Coordination directly.

We forward all fan mail to Elton John's management on a regular basis. It is more likely that Elton will reply to mail sent via Hercules than any other way, e.g. by mailing it to his management yourself. Still, we cannot guarantee you an answer, and even if you do receive an answer it might take several weeks or even months.

Please do not be disappointed if you do not hear anything from Elton or his management after you have written a letter to him. Just keep in mind that he is a very busy man. If he answered all fan mail personally he would not have time to perform concerts, record albums etc. any more - and we would not want that, would we?

© 1997-2017 by HERCULES International. Hercules is not affiliated with Elton John`s management or the Elton John Aids Foundation.