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> Bob Seger Show Today!
  Posted: September 23, 2017 08:35 am
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It's September 23rd! I'm going to my 3rd Bob Seger concert tonight! Bob has been one of my main inspirations since I was 13, long before I was even an Elton fan! I CAN'T WAIT. I live in Michigan, which is where Bob Seger is from as well. Turns out I live extremely close to his house; just 30 minutes away as a matter of fact. I've visited his house many times and I'm friends with his housekeeper! I never met Bob but she got his autograph for me and told Bob and his wife all about my devotion of him. Pretty sweet considering I was only 15 at the time!
First time I saw Bob was in 2014 with my parents in the middle of a loooong snow storm. We just made it to the concert right after the opening act and in time for Bob. The second time I saw him was in early 2015, on the same tour. Some great friends were able to give me and my mom backstage passes so I could meet Bob's entire Silver Bullet Band! That was RADICAL! I am friends with a lot of his band mates on Facebook, and they all heard about me. I was quite"famous", becuase when I met his backup singers, they already knew who I was and everything! They were like, "Oh you're Brianna, right!?" I blushed so badly I nearly fell... having famous people recognize a fan is just unheard of! His piano player took pictures with me and called me cute and pinched my cheeks... yes there are photo! LOL I even met the legendary Alto Reed although he was kinda rushed, I got to show him some fan art I made for Bob and it was incredible. I got his band to sign a hat I brought along. Seriously a FUN night!
And now it's my 3rd time seeing him. It's actually the farthest I've ever sat at a show... I'm on the main floor in the back, but I've already seen him in row 6 before so I'm kinda satisfied with that. I'm glad I got floor seats so I can dance all night though. But this show is going to be VERY special. Why? Because here in Michigan we have a pretty well-known venue called The Palace of Auburn Hills. Our hokey team, the Red Wings, used to play there. Well now they switched to a new venue and The Palace is shutting down. Huge artists used to play there, including our man Elton... and the second time I saw Bob Seger was at The Palace too. It's a very special, memorable place for me, but it's sad becuase not only are they closing it but tearing down the entire place in general. And Bob Seger's performance there tonight will be thr LAST SHOW EVER there before they tear it down. So this is the last concert, the last time me, Bob Seger, and all those other fans will ever be in that historical place again. Yeah, I'm gettin' a bit teary eyed... but... I'll be sure to get a LOT of pictures and footage to update anybody here who also enjoys Bob Seger's music.
Speaking of new music, Bob has a new cover out of Lou Reed's "Busload of Faith", and it's INCREDIBLE. I might get to hear him play it live tonight! Bob also has a new album coming out in November called "I Knew You Back When". Definitely cool to see Bob at 73 (I think) making new stuff!!!

Here are some pictures below of the time I met Bob's Silver Bullet Band. It won't let me post them here for some reason but I have the links you can follow.

Meeting Jim "Moose" Brown, his guitarist

Meeting Shaun Murphy, backup vocalist

Meeting Barbra Payton, backup vocalist

Meeting Laura Creamer, back up vocalist

Meeting Alto Reed, his saxophonist and other instruments

Meeting Craig Frost, his pianist

Floor tile at The Palace... soon to be demolished...

Band autographs

Bob Seger's autograph

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