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> Hearing Ej Songs In Odd Places....
commodore orpington
Posted: July 02, 2013 04:27 pm
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A few days ago, in the grocery store, amongst all the more current R&B-ish kinds of songs, what should pop up on whatever station or service this was, but "Goodbye". Recognized it immediately, enjoyed, thought it was an auditory hallucination.....

A few years ago, I was walking late at night in the snow and fairly deep cold, and from a block or two away, someone was blasting "Burn Down The Mission" maybe, "Amoreena" and SNAFF. At least 2 out of those 3. This is a predominantly Black town, with bass-thumping rap being the most popular thing. I thought this was encouraging... especially since they must have had a door or window open in the cold to be heard like that, so... REALLY proud of his/her/their musical tastes!

Years ago when I could still get out to an occasional science fiction convention, I was walking down a corridor, and heard "Teardrops" with KD Lang blasting from someone's room. Had urge to yell out in solidarity, since I love that one, but summoned the smarts not to do that...

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