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Elton performs at Russian billionaire's wedding.
Monday, January 16 2017

Russian billionaire spends £3.5million hiring Sir Elton John and Mariah Carey for his granddaughter’s wedding.

The pop legends were highlights of a nine-hour extravaganza as 19-year-olds Irene Kogan and Daniel Kenvey wed on January 14, 2017.

They topped a star-studded bill booked by Irene’s grandad, Russian businessman Valery Kogan, for the celebrations at London’s Landmark hotel. Mariah, thought to charge £2.5million to perform, was flown in from the US at the young couple’s request. She dedicated her 2005 love ballad We Belong Together to them.

Earlier, Elton – who charges no less than £1million – kicked off the nine-hour celebrations with a 12-song set. Irene wept with joy on her hubby’s shoulder on the dancefloor when he dedicated his hit "Tiny Dancer" to her. Elton said: “This is for Irene. She’s not that tiny, but I know she’s a really good dancer because I can see her down there.”

Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas made a speech wishing the couple well. There were also performances from a string of Russian stars, before producer Mark Ronson ended the evening with a DJ set.

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Elton John: The Cut – Entries open and judges announced
Sunday, January 15 2017

Elton John: The Cut, supported by YouTube, is giving undiscovered creative talent from all over the world the chance to create official music videos for three iconic songs (Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer & Bennie And The Jets) and entries are open now!

Eltonjohn.com reportes: The judging panel will be comprised of Elton John, his writing partner Bernie Taupin, Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, Grammy Award Winner Melina Matsoukas, and Barry Jenkins, writer and director of Golden Globes Best Picture (Drama) 'Moonlight'.

The ‘Moonlight’ director commented “Music is core to my films and to my creative process. ‘The Cut’ is so exciting to me because it combines a number of things I’m passionate about. As a filmmaker whose first film was made with the DIY tools of digital cinema, I love how the democratization of the filmmaking process and platforms like YouTube enables people to tell stories that in previous generations simply could not be told. I hope to see ideas for this competition that push boundaries and defy expectations.”

The three winning directors will see their ideas professionally produced and premiered on YouTube in summer of 2017.

Subscribe to Elton's YouTube channel to see Elton and Bernie deliver unique insight into the inspiration behind these iconic songs, along with all the latest content from The Cut. You can also find the latest news and updates by following Elton on Twitter and Facebook.

To find out more about Elton John: The Cut Supported by YouTube, and how to enter, please visit eltonjohn.com/thecut.

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Wonderful Crazy Year - Elton Fan Survey
Sunday, January 15 2017

Round 47 - week 3/2017 - Wonderful Crazy Night

With the release of "Wonderful Crazy Night" on February 5, 2016, we had kicked off our "Wonderful Crazy Year" during which we invite you to vote on all of Elton's recordings since the beginning of his career.

Now the next poll is open and awaiting your votes. Simply click on the banner above to start voting.

You can always check the results of the current and of previous polls. Please note, however, that this is currently limited to the first 100 votes. All votes past that are still being counted, they just don't show in the iterims result yet. When all votes are in for all the polls we have planned, we will present the full results taking into account all registered votes.

Until then, you can always get in touch with Antti Honkasalo from Finland (visit him on Facebook), who is the brain behind "Wonderful Crazy Year". He will be able to share more details about the current results of the polls with those interested.

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    Former England manager Graham Taylor dies aged 72
    Thursday, January 12 2017

    Other than managing England, Taylor’s highlights were arguably leading both Villa and Watford to runners-up spots in the old First Division.

    Elton said in a statement:

    "I am deeply saddened and shocked to hear about Graham's passing.

    He was like a brother to me. We shared an unbreakable bond since we first met. We went on an incredible journey together and it will stay with me forever. He took my beloved Watford from the depths of the lower leagues to unchartered territory and into Europe. We have become a leading English club because of his managerial wisdom and genius.

    This is a sad and dark day for Watford. The club and the town. We will cherish Graham and drown our sorrows in the many brilliant memories he gave us.

    I love you Graham. I will miss you very much.
    My thoughts go out to Rita, Joanne, Karen and the whole Taylor family."

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    Elton postpones Dubai concert ... again
    Wednesday, January 11 2017

    Elton was meant to be performing in Dubai on December 15, 2016, he cancelled that date because of the flu, rescheduling for January 20, 2017.

    But now he has postponed again, announcing a new date of December 8, 2017: so yes, almost a year after the initial date. Why? Well, promoters 117 Live say that “he has been advised by his doctors to reschedule a medical procedure to treat his condition immediately”, but that that condition “is not of a seriously threatening nature”.

    There are no news reports or any official word on what the medical procedure is. Elton has performed live recently, singing a tribute to the late George Michael at a concert in Vegas, and he is still due to return to Las Vegas to perform in early February 2017.

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    Elton John Sale
    Saturday, January 7 2017

    Check out my updated list of Elton John collectibles for sale.

    You might have read in my Christmas post that I plan to "fade out" my fan club related activities after Elton's 70th birthday next year.

    As part of that, I am also continuing to part with some items from my Elton John collection. Have a look at what's up for grabs at heimbecher.net/sale.

    Take care, Stephan

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    TODAY celebrates Matt Lauer's 20th anniversary
    Saturday, January 7 2017

    It's hard to imagine TODAY without Matt Lauer — and it's easy to see why. With the show on January 6, 2017, Matt's officially been an anchor in Studio 1A for 20 years!

    Elton John, Tom Hanks, Jon Hamm and Annette Bening are among the celebrities who sent their regards — and barbs — Matt's way.

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    Ed Sheeran sings about Elton John on his new songs
    Saturday, January 7 2017

    ED Sheeran has delivered on his 2017 rock tease with two new songs — "Castle On the Hill and Shape Of You" — surfacing on January 6, 2017.

    They are taken from his third album "÷" or "Divide" and showcase two very different styles.

    "Castle On the Hill" is a classic homesick song, Sheeran sings about listening to Elton John’s "Tiny Dancer" as he drives at speed to get back to Framingham, Suffolk where he grew up for a reality check and a chance to bond with people who knew him before he got famous.

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    "Wonderful Crazy Year" - 4th Quarter of Results
    Saturday, January 7 2017

    The "Wonderful Crazy Year" fan survey finished in December 2016, and now it's the time to reveal to you the results of the fourth (and final) quarter.

    You can view two lists, one for the average scores of the albums and one for the individual recordings.

    Some survey answers had to be deleted again, because they were made by the same person, but no more editing has been done. Just like last time, you can get a good direction where the preference of the masses is, but the scores are not absolute.

    Keep your eyes open for the additional surveys! The first of them will open on January 8, 2017. All the older surveys will also remain open! You can still vote and a full analysis of all survey results will be published in the end! We will gladly acquire more survey answers, so that the final results will be more realistic!

    After the additional surveys have been opened, we will keep all surveys open, and the complete results will be released on March 25, 2017, to celebrate Elton's 70th birthday! Reminders will be published before that, to make sure everyone willing to answer the surveys have submitted their answers!

    Wonderful Crazy Year Calendar Weeks 39-50:

    Average scores for the albums:

    1. The Captain And The Kid 7,93
        Songs From The West Coast 7,93
    3. The Union 7,70
    4. Wonderful Crazy Night 7,40
    5. One Night Only 7,38
    6. The Diving Board 7,16
    7. Good Morning To The Night 7,02
    8. Peachtree Road 6,82
    9. The Road To El Dorado 6,65
    10. Aida 6,26
    11. Gnoemo And Juliet 5,84
    12. The Muse 4,64

    Average scores for the recordings:

    1. This Train Don't Stop There Anymore 8,94
    2. The Captain And The Kid 8,79
    3. Original Sin 8,70
    4. Gone To Shiloh [Feat. Neil Young] 8,62
    5. The Bridge 8,40
    6. Mandalay Again 8,37
    7. The Ballad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes 8,35
    8. Tinderbox 8,30
    9. Hey Ahab 8,22
    10. American Triangle 8,21
         The Open Chord 8,21
    12. I Want Love 8,20
    13. When Love Is Dying 8,13
    14. Blues Never Fade Away 8,11
    15. England And America 8,08
         Home Again 8,08
    17. And The House Fell Down 8,03
    18. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road [Live from One Night Only] 7,99
    19. 5th Avenue 7,98
    20. I Should Have Sent Roses 7,97
    21. Oceans Away 7,92
    22. Voyeur 7,87
    23. If It Wasn't For Bad 7,85
    24. Electricity 7,84
         The North Star 7,84
    26. Oscar Wilde Gets Out 7,83
         Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time) [Live from One Night Only] 7,83
    28. The Best Part Of The Day 7,80
    29. Mansfield 7,78
    30. Don't Go Breaking My Heart [Live With Kiki Dee from One Night Only] 7,74
    31. A Good Heart 7,72
         I'm Still Standing [Live from One Night Only] 7,72
    33. The Diving Board 7,70
         Never Too Old (To Hold Somebody) 7,70
    35. Look Ma, No Hands 7,68
         Postcards From Richard Nixon 7,68
         The Wasteland 7,68
    38. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On me [Live from One Night Only] 7,67
    39. Daniel [Live from One Night Only] 7,66
         Old '67 7,66
    41. Across The River Thames 7,65
    42. Birds 7,64
    43. Candle In The Wind [Live from One Night Only] 7,63
         I Must Have Lost It On The Wind 7,63
    45. Eight Hundred Dollar Shoes 7,62
    46. Written In The Stars [With LeAnn Rimes] 7,58
    47. In The Hands Of Angels 7,57
         Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way (NYC) 7,57
    49. Looking Up 7,55
    50. Someday Out Of The Blue 7,54
    51. The Bitch Is Back [Live from One Night Only] 7,53
         The Emperor's New Clothes 7,53
         Home Again [Live from The Diving Board Deluxe Edition] 7,53
    54. Good Morning To The Night 7,50
    55. Bennie And The Jets [Live from One Night Only] 7,49
         Philadelphia Freedom [Live from One Night Only] 7,49
    57. Blue Wonderful 7,41
         Guilty Pleasure 7,41
    59. A Dream Come True 7,40
    60. Hello Hello 7,39
    61. Porch Swing In Tupelo 7,38
    62. Jimmie Rodgers' Dream 7,37
         Monkey Suit 7,37
    64. Sacrifice [Live from One Night Only] 7,36
    65. The New Fever Waltz 7,35
    66. Crocodile Rock [Live from One Night Only] 7,34
    67. Dark Diamond 7,32
    68. El Dorado 7,31
         Turn The Lights Out When You Leave 7,31
    70. All That I'm Allowed 7,30
    71. The Ballad Of Blind Tom 7,28
         Wonderful Crazy Night 7,28
    73. The New Fever Waltz [Live from The Diving Board Deluxe Edition] 7,27
         Weight Of The World 7,27
    75. Answer In The Sky 7,24
    76. Candlelit Bedroom 7,23
         Friends Never Say Goodbye 7,23
         Perfect Love 7,23
         Sad 7,23
    80. Sixty 7,20
    81. In The Name Of You 7,19
    82. The Panic In Me 7,19
    83. Can You Feel The Love Tonight? [Live from One Night Only] 7,16
    84. Hearts Have Turned To Stone 7,14
         Just Like Noah's Ark 7,14
         My Kind Of Hell 7,14
    87. Claw Hammer 7,12
         There's No Tomorrow 7,12
    89. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) [Live With Anastacia from One Night Only] 7,11
    90. Your Song [With Alessandro Safina] 7,10
    91. I've Got 2 Wing 7,09
         My Heart Dances 7,09
    93. Love Her Like Me 7,08
    94. Free And Easy 7,06
         Love Builds A Garden 7,06
         Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher 7,06
    97. Can't Stay Alone Tonight 7,05
         Without Question 7,05
    99. Hey Armadillo 7,04
    98. Tambourine 7,03
    99. The Letter 7,01
    100. Mexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight) [Live from The Diving Board Deluxe Edition] 7,00
           Phoenix 7,00
           The Trail We Blaze 7,00
    103. I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues [Live With Mary J. Blige from One Night Only] 6,94
    104. It's Getting Dark In Here 6,90
    105. Foreign Fields 6,89
    106. Amneris' Letter [Shania Twain] 6,87
    107. Karmatron 6,86
           My Elusive Drug 6,86
    109. A Town Called Jubilee 6,82
    110. My Quicksand 6,80
    111. Gauguin Gone Hollywood 6,79
    112. Black Icy Stare 6,78
    113. Mexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight) 6,77
    114. Dream # 3 6,73
           Queen Of Cities 6,73
           Telegraph To The Afterlife 6,73
    117. Take This Dirty Water 6,68
    118. Too Many Tears 6,68
    119. Sad Songs (Say So much) [Live With Bryan Adams from One Night Only] 6,67
    120. Your Song [Live With Ronan Keating from One Night Only] 6,63
    121. The Muse 6,59
    122. 16th Century Man 6,57
           Trust Me 6,57
    124. Orchestral Finale 6,55
           A Step Too Far [With Heather Hedley & Sherie Scott] 6,55
    126. Teardrops [With Lulu] 6,51
    127. Original Sin [Junior's Earth Mix] 6,50
    128. How I Know You [James Taylor] 6,43
    129. I Can't Keep This From You 6,41
    130. The Messenger [With Lulu] 6,39
    131. Elaborate Lives [Heather Hedley] 6,33
           I Know The Truth [With Janet Jackson] 6,33
    133. Freaks In Love 6,32
    134. Children's Song 6,29
    135. Dream # 1 6,27
           Dream # 2 6,27
    137. It's Tough To Be A God 6,22
    138. No Monsters 6,21
    139. They Call Her The Cat 6,11
    140. Your Song [With Alessandro Safina][Almighty Mix] 6,10
    141. I Stop And I Breathe 6,09
    142. Easy As Life [Tina Turner] 6,03
    143. Another Pyramid [Sting] 6,01
    144. My Strongest Suit [Spice Girls] 6,00
    145. Crocodile Rock [With Nelly Furtado] 5,98
    146. Like Father Like Son [Lenny Kraviz] 5,91
    147. The Gods Love Nubia [Kelly Price] 5,75
    148. Cheldorado 5,62
    149. Not Me [Boys II Men]5,57
    150. Wonders Of The New World 5,56
    151. Enchantment Passing Through [Dru Hill] 5,55
    152. The Muse [Remix] 5,53
    153. Gnomeo And Juliet 5,51
    154. The Brig 5,46
    155. Dandelions 5,39
    156. Bennie And The Bunnies 5,33
    157. Terrafirminator 5,08
    158. The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room 5,96
    159. Driving Home 4,90
    160. Better Have A Gift 4,88
    161. Multiple Personality 4,82
    162. The Cookie Factory 4,76
           Take A Walk With me 4,76
           What Should I Do? 4,76
    165. Driving To Jack's 4,73
           Walk Of Shame 4,73
    167. The Aquarium 4,71
           Back To Paramount 4,71
           Driving To Universal 4,71
           Meet Christine 4,71
           Steven Redecorates 4,71
           The Wrong Gift 4,71
    173. Are We Laughing? 4,69
    174. To The Guesthouse 4,67
    175. Sarah Escapes 4,67

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