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Backissues are priced € 3.00 per issue (plus postage and packing). However, you can take advantage of our Special Sale: If you order 10 backissues or more, we will bring the price down to only € 1.00 per issue (plus postage and packing).

Item Quantity Notes Item Quantity Notes
Rocket Fan No. 1   sold out Hercules No. 29 German only
Rocket Fan No. 2   sold out Hercules No. 30 German only
Rocket Fan No. 3 German only Hercules No. 31 German only
Rocket Fan No. 4   sold out Hercules No. 32  
Rocket Fan No. 5   sold out Hercules No. 33 German only
Rocket Fan No. 6   sold out Hercules No. 34  
Rocket Fan No. 7 German only Hercules No. 35 German only
Rocket Fan No. 8 German only Hercules No. 36  
Rocket Fan No. 9   sold out Hercules No. 37   sold out
Rocket Fan No. 10 German only Hercules No. 38  
Rocket Fan No. 11 German only Hercules No. 39  
Rocket Fan No. 12 German only Hercules No. 40  
Rocket Fan No. 13 German only Hercules No. 41  
Rocket Fan No. 14   sold out Hercules No. 42  
Rocket Fan No. 15 German only Hercules No. 43 German only
Rocket Fan No. 16 German only Hercules No. 44  
Rocket Fan No. 17   sold out Hercules No. 45  
Rocket Fan No. 18   sold out Hercules No. 46 German only
Rocket Fan No. 19   sold out Hercules No. 47 German only
Rocket Fan No. 20 German only Hercules No. 48  
Rocket Fan No. 21 German only Hercules No. 49  
Rocket Fan No. 22 German only Hercules No. 50   sold out
Rocket Fan No. 23 German only Hercules No. 51  
Rocket Fan No. 24 German only Hercules No. 52  
Rocket Fan No. 25   Hercules No. 53 English only
Rocket Fan No. 26   sold out Hercules No. 54  
Rocket Fan No. 27 German only Hercules No. 55   sold out
Rocket Fan No. 28 German only Hercules No. 56  
      Hercules No. 57  
All available issues   Hercules No. 58  
      Hercules No. 59   sold out
      Hercules No. 60   sold out

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